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Here are 12 jam-packed as sardines volumes of easy-to-understand WordPress training courses. These volumes and courses are grouped in logical order for quick and easy learning (but we're not sure by whose logic). All 12 volumes can be purchased independently if you're into that kind of thing. But I prefer a 12-pack. Don't you? Or, you can get the entire set of 12 volumes if you're are a goober-headed-nerd-type newbie, like me.

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WordPress is always making changes to their program. Lucky us! Huh? So, keeping up with your training (and the Kardashians) USED TO BE A PROBLEM – BUT NOT ANYMORE! As our student (bless your pea-pickin' heart), we continuously upgrade all of the courses that require new information, and we continue adding new courses all the time. So, your training is always updated and fresh, each and every year (like my previous girlfriends).

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We’ve been huge fans of WordPress since its inception; when our first training course was released...when I was still younger than dirt! Being self-taught, like most of you, I recall the months of frustration trying decipher the technical mumbo jumbo, admin functions, dashboard features, and field entries. Okay, Jethro, do I really need to add to this list?  Ain't that enough make you cry in your beer? Well, you WON'T find any of that here!

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Even the newest, green behind the ears, WordPress newbie can start with Volume 1, and by the end of Volume 12, he'll have built a secure and super-fast WordPress site.

If you're more interested in a particular WordPress topic, these 14  Volumes can be purchased individually (Click Here)



Basic Site, Security, Content Creation, eCommerce, Site Loading Speed, Customization, and more!

Volume 1. WordPress Primer is the very beginning of your WordPress training. It introduces you to the WordPress software and the new items being added with each new version. It also gives you a tour of the Admin Dashboard and walks you through the first steps of setting up your WordPress site.


Total running time 2 hours 35 mins

1. WordPress History Running Time 2:31
2. vs Running Time 4:20
3. What’s New In WP Version 6.0 Total Running Time 32:11 (7 separate videos)
4. Installing WordPress Manually With cPanel Running Time 7:19
5. Installing WordPress Manually With FTP Running Time 7:57
6. Installing WordPress Automatically With cPanel Running Time 6:48
7. WP Dashboard tour Running Time 5:23
8. WordPress Cleanup After Install Running Time 6:54
9. Revisions and Auto Saves Running Time 8:37
10. Settings General Running Time 3:55
11. Settings Writing Running Time 6:15
12. Settings Reading Running Time 4:52
13. Settings Discussion Running Time 6:35
14. Settings Media Running Time 2:05
15. Settings Permalinks Running Time 3:56
16. Settings-3rd Party Settings Running Time 1:37
17. Change Site Login Details Using Site Database Running Time 3:37
18. Gravatars Running Time 4:59
19. Admin Tool Section Running Time 3:38
20. RSS & How To Use It Running Time 6:09
21. Blog Setup – Pages Part 1 Running Time: 4:18
22. Blog Setup – Pages Part 2 Running Time: 5:05
23. Blog Setup – Comments Running Time: 4:59
24. Blog Setup – Lead Generation Running Time: 5:48
25. Blog Setup – Autoresponder Connection Running Time: 5:54

Volume 2. WordPress Security covers how to secure your WordPress site. The popularity of WordPress makes your site a target for the bad guys, and this course teaches you how to keep your site safe.


It could cost you big buckaroos to pay someone else to add these security features for you, BUT it can cost you so much more if these security steps are not taken, and a hacker compromises your site.


Total running time: 2 hour 13 mins

Before Installing WordPress

1. Why Hack My Site Running Time 2:01
2. Security Begins At Home 
Running Time 4:08
3. Hosting Service Running Time 4:02
4. Hosting Service (Managed) Running Time 6:27
5. Secure 1-click Install Running Time 7:54
6. Secure Manual Install Running Time 8:50

After Installing WordPress

1. Uptime Tracking Running Time 4:31
2. Backups (plugin) Running Time 9:00
3. Backups (Manual) Running Time 7:19
4. PHP version & updating it Running Time 6:04
5. Remove User ID 1 & Why Running Time 7:08
6. Username Trickery Running Time 4:14
7. Hiding Admin Username  Running Time 4:32
8. Hiding Username Running Time 5:54
9. Change DB Prefix After Install-Method 1 Running Time 7:07
10. Change DB Prefix After Install-Method 2 Running Time 6:35

11. Replace The Salt Running Time 2:55
12. Securing Your wp-config.php File Running Time 2:46
13. Customizing The Login Error Messages Running Time 4:13
14. Prevent Brute Force Attacks and Solutions Running Time 3:48
15. Removing The WordPress Version Numbers Running Time 4:47
16. Has Your Site Been Hacked?
Running Time 4:01
17. Hacked Site Cleanup
Running Time 4:24
18. What To Do After Hacked Site Cleanup
Running Time 3:57
19. Site Health Feature
Running Time 3:28
20. Themes & Plugins-Good Bad and Ugly
Running Time 3:02

Volume 3. Content Creation walks you through the various admin tools in your WordPress site that you use to create content. You'll discover the differences between a post and a page, how to use the Media Manager, and much more.

1. Pages vs Posts
Running Time 3:33
2. Categories
Running Time 4:31
3. Tags
Running Time 3:43
4. Post Manager
Running Time 4:42
5. Post Formats
Running Time 2:19
6. Page Manager
Running Time 2:50
7. The Post & Page Inline Editor Tour
Running Time 6:11
8. Post & Page Editor Tour
Running Time 7:14

9. Creating Pages & Posts Part 1 (Block)
Running Time 6:30
10. Creating Pages & Posts Part 2 (Block)
Running Time 6:13
11. Creating Pages & Posts Part 3 (Block)
Running Time 4:36
12. The Media Library
Running Time 6:09
13.The Block Editor – Hyperlinks
Running Time 6:00
14.The Block Editor – Create Playlists Without Plugin
Running Time 7:48

15.The Block Editor – Create Playlists With Plugin
Running Time 9:42
16.WordPress Plugins
Running Time 6:57
17.Custom Menus
Running Time 6:50
18.Managing Widgets
Running Time 7:30
19.Managing Themes
Running Time 7:18

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Volume 4. Localhosting Your WordPress Site displays the steps to set up a fully functioning WordPress website on your computer. This is where you can learn and test on your local-hosted WordPress site. You'll do your testing on your PC, instead of server's  live site.


Then once you see everything is working perfectly, you'll customize and do your  tweaking on your server's live site. As a plus, you’ll learn how to move your locally-hosted website to your host server, and vice versa.

1. Local vs Online Running Time 2:54
2. Why I Chose XAMPP Running Time 3:32
3. Installing Free ServerPress Running Time 8:27
4. Uninstalling Free ServerPress Running Time 4:12
5. Installing XAMPP Running Time 3:33
6. Start XAMPP As Admin Running Time 3:27
7. Install WordPress With Bitnami (not the best method) Running Time 6:27
8. Install WordPress Without Bitnami (the best method) Running Time 6:59
9. Quick & Simple Backups Running Time 3:44
10. Moving Live WordPress Site To Local Running Time 7:42
11. Troubleshooting-Can Not Login On Local After Move Running Time 2:57
12. Move Local WordPress Site To Live  Running Time 10:46
13. Troubleshooting-Increase Max Size Of File Uploads Running Time 2:42
14. Troubleshooting-General Issues Running Time 3:57
15. Troubleshooting – Fixing Windows Firewall Blocking Install Error Running Time 1:08
16. Troubleshooting – Fixing Port Conflicts pt 1 (Why) Running Time 2:52
17. Troubleshooting – Fixing Port Conflicts pt 2 (How) Running Time 4:49
18. Troubleshooting – Fixing Port Conflicts pt 3 (Fix WordPress After Port Change) Running Time 6:59
19. Troubleshooting – XAMPP Control Panel Red X’s Running Time 2:37
20. Configure XAMPP Console Running Time 2:56

Volume 5. WordPress Page-Loading Speed shows you various methods to speed up your WordPress site and keep it running fast...beginning with your hosting service, to things on your site that can be adjusted for peak performance.


Total running time: 1 hr 21 min.

1. Why The Need For Speed Running Time 3:19
2. Hosting For Speed Running Time 5:02
3. Speed Testing Tools Introduction Running Time 3:00
4. GTMetrix Running Time 7:33
5. Pingdom Running Time 3:37
6. Page Speed Insights Running Time 4:34
7. Website Pulse Running Time 3:38
8. WebPagetest Running Time 5:38
9. Image Optimization Part 1 Running Time 3:53
10. Image Optimization Part 2 Running Time 7:23
11. Web Caching Introduction Running Time 3:41
12. Web Caching Plugin Install & Setup Running Time 8:02
13. Leverage Browser Cache Running Time 2:35
14. Serve Scaled Images Running Time 2:49
15. GZip Running Time 3:51
16. Minify and Concatenate Running Time 5:19
17. Render Blocking Error Fix Running Time 7:24

Volume 6. WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important if you want to enjoy the benefits of free traffic from the search engines. You'll learn how to properly install and configure one of the most powerful and popular SEO plugins available.

1. What Is SEO Running Time 3:55
2. Keywords Running Time 7:41
3. LSI Running Time 3:42
4. SEO Plugin For WordPress Running Time 4:07
5. Display & User Role Settings Running Time 6:52
6.Configuration Wizard Walk through Running Time 5:02
7. General-Dashboard Running Time 2:34
8. General-Features Running Time 4:35
9. General-Webmaster Tools Running Time 2:18
10. Search Appearance-General Running Time 3:09
11. Search Appearance-Content Types Running Time 4:39
12. Search Appearance-Media Running Time 3:37
13. Search Appearance-Taxonomies Running Time 3:44
14. Search Appearance-Archives Running Time 2:48
15. Search Appearance-Breadcrumbs Running Time 4:53
16. Search Appearance-RSS Running Time 2:53
17. Search Console Running Time 4:25
18. Social Running Time 3:51
19. Tools Running Time 5:28
20. HTML Sitemaps Running Time 4:51
21. Submitting Sitemap To Google Running Time 4:57
22. On Page-Post Module Running Time 9:13

Volume 7. Theme Customization is how you can quickly make your site stand out from the crowd; the millions of other WordPress sites on the web.


This is a fun course. The best course of action is to first set up your locally hosted site, and then customize your theme before begin customizing on your live server site. Don’t worry, we'll  coach you, step by step, along the way.

1. How To Create A Child Theme Running Time 4:49
2. Before We Customize Running Time 3:49
3. Personal Greeting Shortcode Running Time 3:22
4. Flex Date Shortcode Running Time 5:45
5. Remove URL Underline Running Time 4:54
6. Remove Incorrect Login Shake Running Time 1:39
7. Rebrand Admin Bar WP Logo Running Time 2:46
8. Remove Top White Space Running Time 1:33
9. Adjust Gap Between Posts On Homepage Running Time 1:55
10. Add Border Below Header Running Time 2:19
11. Customize Site Description Running Time 2:16
12. Customize Site Title Running Time 2:17
13. Random Admin Announcement Running Time 4:47
14. Add Drop-Down Menu To Admin Bar Running Time 3:59

Volume 8. WordPress Forum Setup walks you through the steps to properly set up a forum and gives you examples of other forums, to see how theirs are set up. A Forum is a powerful addition to anyone’s site for several reasons, and we touch on those reasons, as well.

1. What Is A Forum Running Time 3:04
2. Different Forum Applications Running Time 5:10
3. Install bbPress Running Time 3:34
4. Convert Other Forums Into bbPress Running Time 5:51
5. Forum Structure Running Time 3:32
6. Create Forums Running Time 5:54
7. Creating Categories Running Time 4:55
8. Customize Category Display Running Time 3:25
9. Creating Sticky Topics Running Time 4:03
10. Creating A Registration Page Running Time 5:52
11. Customizing Search Boxes Running Time 5:52
12. Create Password Reset Page Running Time 2:29
13. Forum Spam Prevention Running Time 5:58

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Volume 9. WordPress Plugins are major, site building tools. They provide additional functionality that allows you to pretty much make your WordPress site do whatever you want it to do. This course breaks down what a plugin is, and even shows you how to build a basic plugin for use on your own site.

1. What Is A Plugin Running Time 1:54
2. Choosing The Best Plugin-Intro
Running Time 2:28
3. Choosing The Best Free Plugin
Running Time 5:19
4. Choosing The Best Premium Plugin
Running Time 3:59
5. Performance Testing – Plugin Version
Running Time 7:38
6. Performance Testing – Manual Version
Running Time 4:55
7. Plugin Structure
Running Time 5:18

8. Must-Use Plugin
Running Time 5:28
9. Create Custom Functions Plugin
Running Time 6:41
10. Code Snippet Plugin
Running Time 2:49
11. Contact Us Page Plugin
Running Time 7:33
12. Backup Plugin – Duplicator Part 1
Running Time 5:38
13. Backup Plugin – Duplicator Part 2
Running Time 7:25
14. WordPress Activity Logs
Running Time 5:54

15. Customize User Roles
Running Time 8:24
16. Notification Bars
Running Time 5:41
17. Free Akismet Alternative
Running Time 4:20
18. Plugin Vulnerability Checker
Running Time 6:05
19. Data Exporter/Importer
Running Time 7:51
20. On-board File Manager
Running Time 6:47

Volume 10. WordPress Multisite is a built-in feature of WordPress that lets you build a community of WordPress sites, all from within a single main site that you control. All the guesswork is removed with these videos. You’ll know what a multisite is, why you might want one, and, of course, how to build and secure them.

1. WP Multisite-What & Why Running Time 3:19
2. Enable Multisite Running Time 4:29
3. Activate Multisite Running Time 2:15
4. 1-Click Multisite Install Running Time 2:42
5. Quick Cleanup Running Time 2:59
6. Network Admin Tour Running Time 4:02
7. Create & Manage Sites Part One Running Time 4:08
8. Create & Manage Sites Part Two Running Time 3:00
9. Creating Users Part 1 – Auto-Creation By Network Running Time 3:58
10. Creating Users Part 2 – Manually As Super Admin Running Time 5:04
11. Creating Users Part 3 – Manually As Site Admin Running Time 4:03
12. Creating Users Part 4 – Site Visitor Create Own Account Running Time 7:57
13. Add & Manage Plugins Running Time 4:48
14. Single Site Registration Running Time 5:18
15. Add & Manage Themes Running Time 2:35
16. Updating Networks Running Time 2:44

Volume 11. WordPress eCommerce is what many of us are mainly interested in when it comes to WordPress. How Can I Create a Product or Service and Make Money? The training in this volume introduces you to a couple of no-cost tools that allow you to build a small one-person online shop; or easily scale it up to a huge shopping enterprise.

1. What Is eCommerce Running Time 3:06
2. Pre-Setup Checklist Running Time 3:08
3. WooCommerce Install -The Plugin Running Time 7:39
4. Uninstalling WooCommerce Running Time 4:39
5. Installing WooCommerce-The Site Template Running Time 6:43
6. Site Template Settings-A Quick Look Running Time 5:12
7. WooCommerce Settings-Setup Wizard Running Time 6:17
8. WooCommerce Settings-PayPal Setup Running Time 6:20
9. WooCommerce Settings-PayPal API Setup Running Time 8:08
10. WooCommerce Settings-Stripe Setup Running Time 6:47

11. WooCommerce Settings-General Tab Running Time 4:37
12. WooCommerce Settings-Products Tab Running Time 7:12
13. WooCommerce Settings-Tax Tab Running Time 6:14
14. WooCommerce Settings-The Remaining Tabs (Shipping, Advanced, Email, Integration, Accts and Privacy) Running Time 7:25
15. Create Drop-Shipping Account Running Time 3:52
16. Connect Drop-Shipping Service To Our Store Running Time 7:14
17. Configure Shipping For Our Drop-Shipping Account Running Time 5:00

18. Product Ideas
Running Time 5:47
19. Branding
Running Time 3:43
20. Master The Mock-up
Running Time 6:11
21. Adding Products To Our Store
Running Time 5:39
22. Test Purchase Sample
Running Time 3:34

Volume 12. WordPress Traffic Generation is the most important training module, because it covers tips and techniques on how to generate and drive traffic to your site(s). You can have the best site on the world, but if no one visits, you (and it) are doomed to melt into oblivion, like an ice cream cone in a tanning booth.

1. WordPress Traffic Overview Running Time 4:02
2.Add Newsletter Signup Form Running Time 7:34
3. Google Analytics Running Time 5:41
4. Article Writing Running Time 5:05
5. Slide Submission Part 1 Running Time 2:54
6.Slide Submission Part 2 Running Time 6:44
7. Video Marketing Part 1 Running Time 3:53
8. Video Marketing Part 2 Running Time 8:19
9. PDF Submission Part 1 Running Time 2:48
10. PDF Submission Part 2 Running Time 7:12
11. Social Media Running Time 3:54
12. Paid Traffic
Running Time 2:26
13. Guest Blogging Introduction Running Time 2:30
14. Guest Blogging Part 1-Find The Gig Running Time 6:40
15. Guest Blogging Part 2-Pre-Contact Prep Running Time 4:11
16. Guest Blogging Part 3-Contact The Owner Running Time 5:16
17. Guest Blogging Part 4-Click-through Plan Running Time 5:42

Volume 13. WordPress Maintenance is a Time Saver – NOT a Time Waster! This module provides a checklists of Daily, Monthly & Annual tasks with training videos showing the How-To for those tasks.

1. Course Introduction Running Time 1:31
2. Full ‘Fool-Proof’ Backup Running Time 6:29
3. Backup Restore Running Time 4:50
4. Site Testing Downtime Running Time 5:29
5. Child Theme Running Time 5:59
6. Run Site Tests Running Time 6:41
7. Page Speed Tests Running Time 5:15
8. Optimize Images Running Time 5:11
9. Update WordPress Core Running Time 4:40
10. Update Themes and Plugins Running Time 6:38
11. Clean Up: Post Revisions Running Time 5:13
12. Clean Up: Remove Unused Plugins Running Time 3:50
13. Clean Up: Remove Unused Themes Running Time 2:27
14. Clean Up: Clear Out Any Spam Running Time 5:31
15. Malware Site Check Running Time 3:00
16. Replace The Salts Running Time 3:38
17. Uptime Monitoring Running Time 4:15
18. Check For Broken Links Running Time 5:44
19. Optimize Database Running Time 4:04
20. Review Any Error Logs Running Time 6:11

Volume 14. WordPress Gutenberg (Block) Editor – This Gutenberg training package is a must-have for New or Long-time WordPress Users. These videos will make them a Gutenberg Master in no time.

1. Gutenberg Introduction Running Time 2:38
2. Classic Editor VS Gutenberg Running Time 2:47
3. Gutenberg Tour Running Time 7:03
4. Editor Sidebar Running Time 6:12
5. Tools and Options Feature – View Running Time 3:31
6. Tools and Options Feature – Editor Running Time 2:45
7. Tools and Options Feature – Plugins Running Time 2:48
8. Tools and Options Feature – Tools Running Time 4:49
9. Tools and Options Feature – Options Running Time 4:36
10. Create Our First Post – Title Running Time 3:58
11. Create Our First Post – Block Toolbar Running Time 5:42
12. Create Our First Post – Block Settings Running Time 4:24
13. Create Our First Page Running Time 6:58
14. Common Post Content Using Keyboard Shortcuts Running Time 4:31
15. Convert Classic Post To Gutenberg Running Time 4:30
16. Image Easy Add Running Time 1:42

17. Links Easy Add Running Time 1:49
18. Create Clickable Table Of Contents Part 1 (aka jump links) Running Time 4:47
19. Create Clickable Table Of Contents Part 2 (aka jump links) Running Time 5:03
20. Group Block Running Time 6:01
21. Columns Block Basics Part 1 Running Time 4:46
22. Columns Block Basics Part 2 Running Time 2:53
23. Columns Block Basics Part 3 Running Time 3:50
24. Columns Block Basics Part 4 Running Time 5:16
25. Columns Block Advanced Running Time 4:09
26. Cover Block – Basics Running Time 5:22
27. Cover Block – Advanced Running Time 4:24
28. Reusable Blocks Running Time 4:42
29. Editing Reusable Blocks
Running Time 5:28
30. Reusable Templates Running Time 3:39

31. Reusable Blocks Management Page Running Time 7:01
32. Advanced Section Custom CSS Pt1 (WP Customizer+Additional CSS Box-BG Color) Running Time 7:08
33. Advanced Section Custom CSS Pt1 (WP Customizer+Additional CSS Box-Hover Color)
Running Time 2:17
34. Advanced Section Custom CSS Pt1 (WP Customizer+Additional CSS Box-Image Pulse)
Running Time 3:43
35. Advanced Section Custom CSS Pt2 (Hard Code In Theme+Additional CSS Box)
Running Time 8:06
36. Advanced Section Custom CSS Pt3 (Plugin+Additional CSS Box)
Running Time 7:10
37. Block Templates – Introduction
Running Time 3:47
38. Block Templates – Editing
Running Time 6:23
39. Block Templates – Creating
Running Time 7:28
40. Language Select
Running Time 5:08

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[Master Resell Rights] – 100 Article Writing Ideas will jump start your content / article creation ideas. Your high-quality articles can then be used for website content which equals potential backlink building, SEO and SALES!

[Master Resell Rights] – 100 Article Writing Ideas will jump start your content / article creation ideas. Your high-quality articles can then be used for website content which equals potential backlink building, SEO and SALES!

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