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Speech Synthesis Markup Language and Amazon Polly

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Learn how to code Amazon Polly voices with SSML and make $1oo/hr. or more. Our courses train you how to tag SSML text to create human-like voices. This skill is in such high demand right now, that many businesses will pay thousands of dollars for your SSML skills.

What is SSML audio used for?

  • Video presentations
  • Voice overs
  • Site introductions
  • Chatbot voices
  • FAQ playback
  • Any other use for human-like voices

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Website Chatbot Assistants

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What if you could automate responses to many of your customers' questions, leaving you to do the thing that matters and promoting your site? Chatbot assistants are only used on 1% of all internet websites, but are currently growing in popularity as one of the hottest marketing tools.

What are chatbots used for?

  • Site instructions and introduction
  • Product and service demonstrations
  • Software help
  • Video presenters
  • Navigation assistants
  • And many other automated uses
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With G5 internet speeds coming, there's an epic event you must be a part! Without video training and marketing, you'll be dead! AT&T, Amazon, Intel, and others are pouring billions into data equipment, storage, and internet speeds 10x faster than today. TV, mobile, and home appliances will benefit, too.

Our predictions for 2020:

  • Cable companies will start to die off
  • All forms of communication will be wireless
  • Ordinary video creators will become millionaires!
  • Cell phones will be programmed to control everything!
  • Internet services start to get cheaper
  • Drone delivery services become common

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