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Your video download link is below. Just right-click on the download link, select "Save Link As" and navigate to where you want to save the file.

Note: To open the file(s) after downloading to your computer, right-click on the zip file(s) and click Extract All.

  • Open File Explorer on your computer and right-click on Desktop or Documents from the Quick Access pane. A menu displays.
  • Highlight New in the menu, click on Folder, type in White Label, and press the Enter key.
New Folder
    • Perform the following to:
      • Create volume folders on you computer,
      • Download your zip files into each folder, and
      • Extract your training files.
    • Right-click on the White Label folder you just created.
    • Select New > Folder from the popup menu.

    Note: If you purchased only Volume 13, then you only need to create one folder called Volume 13 - WP-Primer Training Videos

    • If you purchased all 14 of the training volumes, right-click on the White Label folder for each new folder you're creating, and name them:
      • Volume 1 - FTP and More - Lessons 1-14
      • Volume 2 - Cpanel and More - Lessons 1-17
      • Volume 3 - WP Security and More - Lessons 1-12
      • Volume 4 - HTML 5 - Lessons 1-17
      • Volume 5 - CSS 3 - Lessons 1-19
      • Volume 6 - Internet Marketing Tools - Lessons 1-11
      • Volume 7 - Google Marketing Tools - Lessons 1-15
      • Volume 8 - WordPress Speed Tools - Lessons 1-11
      • Volume 9 - Screencasting Tools - Lessons 1-11
      • Volume 10 - Graphics Tools - Lessons 1-14
      • Volume 11 - Password Managers - Lessons 1-10
      • Volume 12 - PayPal Solutions and More - Lessons 1-12
      • Volume 13 - WP-Primer Training Videos - Lessons 1-16
    • The download links for the Volume 13 training videos are below.
      • Right-click on the video download link and select "Save Link As".
      • Navigate to your Volume folder on your computer, and click Save.
    • After downloading each zip file to your folders, respectively, right-click on the zip file in the folder and select Extract All. A popup box displays.

Zip Extract Destination

    • Highlighted text displayed in the image above, press the Delete key, and click the Extract button. The zip file is extracted.
    • Repeat the extraction steps for the All Lessons zip file.

If using Chrome, you can also perform the following steps.

Double-click on the filename and click on Extract or Extract All at the top of the browser window.
*If you do not see the extract option, then you may need to download a free zip/unzip software.
Here is FREE zip software you can download and use – Click Here For 7 Zip -

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